Friday, May 9, 2008


Here are some remaining pictures and videos. They have also been added retroactively to the relevant blog entries.

From the Iquitos entry:

Mototaxi ride in Iquitos.

From the Anaconda entry:

Some more pics of the visit to the Indian tribes at Iquitos, Peru. Notice the guy trying to sell me his bow even during the picture posing.

From the Rio 4 entry:

Botafogo - Fluminense at Maracanã. Listen to the samba drums! They went on for the full 90 minutes. The guy pacing in the foreground also went on for the full 90 minutes, shouting directions to the players and praying to the gods. Literally.

Penalty for Fluminense!

Score tied, 5 minutes to go...

From the Ilha Grande entry:

What a ridiculous looking creature that is. The pufferfish is pretty weird too.

From the forró entry:

Live music and dancing on stage at the forró party.

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