Saturday, May 10, 2008

final thoughts

countries visited: Peru Colombia Brazil Argentina Chile
animals handled: Anaconda Squirrel Monkey Pink Dolphin Piranha Puffer Fish
animals eaten: Alpaca Sea Turtle Alligator
outdoor activities: Mountain Biking Rock Climbing Open Water Swimming Scuba Diving Scuba Diving
Paragliding Mountaineering Riverboarding Rafting
destinations reached under own power: Choquequirao Pão de Açucar / Sugarloaf Villarrica

Medical tips gleaned from this trip:
  • Do not get 98% DEET in your eyes. Seriously.

  • When swimming through a shipwreck, you rookie, keep your hands tucked in.

Best pizza: Peru! Go figure. Some tiny little restaurant in Iquitos that we wandered into because it was just around the corner from our hostel and because we were quite done with sampling local foods for a change. Delicious pizza! Especially the sweet one with fruit and condensed milk. Served with an ice cold coke. The only way to properly eat pizza. AAAAHHH!!!

Best snack: Acarajé from Bahia, Brazil. Fatally good. This alone caused me to gain several pounds.

Favourite new drink: Guaraná. Favourite new chemical juice: Peru's "Inka Kola". Radioactive neon yellow.

Best ice cream: Persicco in Buenos Aires. Many many close contenders here (causing me to gain many more pounds), such as the place in Colombia whose owner was so friendly that her giving us lengthy verbose redundant directions to some place in town culminated in her leaving her shop to drive us there herself. Guess what nationality she was.

And finally, the long awaited conclusion of the Brazil vs. Argentina steak house match. And the award goes to...


Fantastic steak cooked over an open charchoal fire right in front of the restaurant in Pucon. Came on a plate with just the steak. Nothing else. No broccoli. No sissy veggies. Meat.

Lessons learned:

  • One month of travel really is nothing.

  • The more items one crosses off of the To Do list, the longer the list becomes.

Final thought:

There will undoubtedly be more thoughts, so this one is not it.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh . . . .I envy you, Jack!! So many great pictures here. I am drooling over them !! Next stop? Bali?

Carlos said...

Hi jack ! I want to talk if you again. by by Carlos from Brazil.