Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ilha Grande: diving

Ilha Grande sports one PADI diving resort, the Elite Diving Center run by Daniel Gouvêa. If ever you´re in the area I wholeheartedly recommend going for a dive with him. Friendly, professional, knowledgeable -- and quite easy going: Hours after returning from the dive we realized that we hadn´t actually paid him yet. But Daniel wasn´t worried. This is the way things go on an island paradise.

The first dive went down to the Pinguino ship wreck. Very cool as we actually got to enter and swim through the wreck in various places, which was a first for me. During the second dive I got my picture taken holding a very cute puffer fish.

There were about 12 other people on the dive as well. One couple that we got to talk to was Carlos and Elaine from Rio de Janeiro, who offered to give us a ride back to Rio tomorrow when we have to somehow get to the airport in time for our flight to Salvador. Excellent! Brazilians are very friendly and helpful people.

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Nane said...

Thank you for your comments about brazilian people! We really love to help and make friends. We hope you are enjoing your trip for South America.
Don't forget to send pictures to us. We are anxious to see you wearing the T-shirt of Rio de Janeiro in Argentina.
We'll send e-mails with some pictures for you too, ok?

From your newest friends Elaine and Carlos