Tuesday, April 29, 2008

parapente and no tango

There was not that much wind today, but enough to get green light for our hoped-for activity: Paragliding! We met up with pilots Ernesto and Federico and drove up to Cerro Otto. The takeoff spot is right below the top station of the ski gondola, but for some reason we did not take the gondola. We drove up there and hiked the rest of the way, eventually culminating in a harrowing little climb.

The takeoff ramp.

The takeoff took a while as there was not much wind so we had to wait for a good gust to come along. Once airborn the experience is absolutely wonderful and exhilerating. I tried taking pictures during the flight, but unfortunately it had just run out of battery power. Due to the relative lack of wind the flight was unfortunately short, lasting maybe 20 minutes to descend 600 vertical meters (2000 ft).

Awesome! Again again!

In the evening we attempted once again to go see a tango show as advertised in the newspapers. And, once again, we got thwarted. Contrary to the information in the newspaper there would be no show tonight, but tomorrow the Bariloche Tango Festival will start and then there will be tango shows. That´s what they told us yesterday and two days ago as well. Alas, we´ll have to miss it. We´re going to Chile tomorrow!

By popular request, the ever entertaining 4 potato croquettes juggle.

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