Saturday, April 5, 2008

All of the Above

Inspired by a totally unbiased recommendation from the girl working at the tourist shop next door, we ended up having dinner at a small restaurant that didn´t quite have the location factor going for it. Without the referral we would have never come across it. They reputedly had the best cuy -- pork -- in the world. Fancy just stumbling across that! How could we refuse?

It was actually pretty good. We ordered not just the cuy but a sampler dish that also contained lamb and chicken in various sauces. It was delicious! And here, dear reader, I introduce you to a very important motto: All of the Above. If various good options present themselves, then we are naturally inclined to attempt to figure out which one we like best, and discard the others. But often there is not actually any reason to do so. Just choose All of the Above!

All of the Above

They had two delicious desserts on the menu too. We had both of them.

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