Tuesday, April 29, 2008

mappa mundi

Many years ago I had a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle of an old world map. I´ve been looking for a print of that map ever since, to decorate my apartment. I have never ever been able to find that exact image anywhere, ever.

So it was much to my astonishment that I came across that exact print in a little painting shop in Rio de Janeiro airport, of all places. I negotiated with the shop keeper that I would get a discount if I could successfully guess her nationality. It was much to her astonishment that I subsequently correctly guessed Ukrainian. Bingo!

The print was too large for me to carry in my luggage, but they could mail it to me. I was still pondering which size to get, and pondering whether the discount I received was really good enough, having learned that in South America the price drops as one waits and walks along. So I left and had a drink somewhere, during which I decided that I did want it. After all, I´ve been searching for this exact thing for many years. Also I decided what size I needed.

Returning to the store and greeting the shopkeeper in perfect Ukrainian, it would transpire that the aforementioned discount had evaporated because I had gone and had a drink. Such cold saleswomanship was not to be rewarded with a transaction. I departed forthwith, sans Mappa Mundi.

Sucks, though. This was the one time in many years that I´ve seen this thing anywhere. I wanted to take a picture of it so that I at least have an example of it, but the shopkeeper had tucked it away. So I didn´t even get that.

A few days later we´re in Bariloche, Argentina. Walking down the street we somehow enter a music store on a whim, looking for a particular samba CD. Bit of a long shot finding that in Argentina, but who knows what one might find?

Well, one might find a jigsaw puzzle of my historical world map. The actual exact jigsaw puzzle that I had many years ago and that I had only seen once in two decades. Can you believe this? Here´s a photo of it. Can anyone sell me this exact map print?

Mappa Mundi, complete with lightning striking a second time

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