Tuesday, April 29, 2008

São Paulo

Rather than get up excruciatingly early for a flight from Salvador to São Paulo in order to catch the connecting flight to Buenos Aires, we took the flight to São Paulo the evening before. That way we didn´t have to get up early or worry about the layover being too short or too long.

So that gave us an evening in São Paulo. SP is in the south of Brazil. It´s a very modern and industrialized city, quite different from Manaus or Salvador. Also, mercifully, it has no mosquitos or offensive heat. Quite refreshing! One of the things that SP is is known for is having reputedly the best pizza in the world. (Do you hear that, Rome?)

On the way to the pizza place I got to experience driving in Brazilian traffic myself. Having paid attention during previous cab and car rides I knew that lane markers are just a suggestion, and that a red traffic light means "stop -- unless there´s no cross traffic, or you don´t feel safe from robbers, or you simply don´t feel like it".

The elected pizza place had the best authentic pizza according to local observers. I regret now to report that the pizza was pretty good but not particularly fantastic. Local observers afterwards told us that that was not the best pizza place after all.

From there we went to a samba dancing club. There was one club that sounded like it might have samba music, being that the name of the place is Samba. And indeed, the music that was playing there was quite similar to my favourite samba, the Maracanã drums. Sempre Assim!

At the Samba club Club Samba. Too bad the samba babes in the backbround came out a little dark.

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