Tuesday, April 29, 2008


The actual goal of the São Paulo - Buenos Aires manoever was to get to Patagonia. In particular the hub of adventure activity in Argentine Patagonia: San Carlos de Bariloche. Its architecture is straight from the Swiss Alps (or the Canadian Rockies if you prefer). In the summer there are countless opportunities for rafting, kayaking, trekking, mountain biking, and so on. In the winter there is excellent skiing.

Bariloche is also known for chocolate for some reason. Possibly because of its Swiss connection. Coming from the near insufferable heat of Salvador the climate of Bariloche is a bit of a transition. Item 1 on the agenda was thus the purchase of a ski jacket. I had not brought a jacket with me on this trip, not wanting to lug with me it all over South America. The Onassis strategy, buying whatever you need when you get there, worked much better in this case, since I have been needing a new ski jacket for quite a while anyway.

The Swiss connection of Bariloche is further illustrated by my buying the jacket at Fritz and subsequently having dinner at Familie Weiss.

Look, Carlos!

Right now it is fall. The rafting and kayaking season is over, what with the water being too low, and the ski season has not started up yet. But we arranged for a dynamite activity. One that we missed out on in Rio de Janeiro because we got thwarted by the weather. Hopefully the weather will cooperate this time. Stay tuned!

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