Saturday, April 12, 2008

Colombia and Brazil

Saturday April 12: We caught the jet boat from Iquitos to Santa Rosa, the last Peruvian town before the Peru/Colombia/Brazil triple border. The jet boat takes about 8 hours to cover the 640 km from Iquitos to the border. We were hoping to get there a day earlier so we could catch the hammock boat from Tabatinga (the town on the Brazilian side of the border) to Manaus, the first big city along the Amazon in Brazil. Those hammock boats only leave Tabatinga on Saturdays and Wednesdays, so we missed the Saturday one and planned to fly from Tabatinga to Manaus instead.

As it turned out, upon our arrival at Santa Rosa the hammock boat was actually still waiting in Tabatinga because it hadn´t filled up with enough passengers for the captain´s liking. After some runaround with the Peruvian customs we boarded a little canoe taxi from Santa Rosa to Tabatinga, debating whether we wanted to take that hammock boat as originally planned, or catch a flight. The hammock boat takes about four days, so catching a flight would give us more time to spend in Manaus, as well as some time to spend in Leticia (on the Colombian side of the border) and Tabatinga. On the other hand, the hammock boat seemed fun and adventurous.

At the exact moment that our canoe taxi arrived at the dock in Tabatinga the hammock boat set sail not 50 feet away from us. Decision made! We´ll stay in Leticia tonight and hope to catch a flight from Tabatinga to Manaus tomorrow (Sunday) or Monday.

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