Friday, April 4, 2008

arrived in Peru

We´ve arrived in Peru! Going through customs was a bit of a breeze. Instead of probing questions about why we´re here and where we´re going to stay, the customs lady slammed an annoyed stamp in my passport -- didn´t even bother finding an empty page, just put it on the first random page she encountered with three stamps already on it -- and waved us through, or rather, waved us off with a "leave me alone". Never said a word to us, never even looked at us. They ought to teach US customs officers to do that.

Since we´re just here in transit to Cusco we´re staying at the airport Ramada. "Location, location, location". It is literally next door to the airport check-in. You do pay just a little bit extra for that luxury. We talked them down from $260 to $200 for a room that would really be worth about a third of that. But right on, I´m on the Southern Hemisphere!

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